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Just like the books by James Patterson where anything can happen!!! You can play an angel, a White Coat, an Eraser, a human, etc.
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Welcome RPG and Maximum Ride lovers!! Very Happy
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 What can be found in a city like this...?

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What can be found in a city like this...? Empty
PostSubject: What can be found in a city like this...?   What can be found in a city like this...? Icon_minitimeSun Mar 17, 2013 12:13 am

Drake pushed back his black hair that fell in strands across his face. He winced at the loud noises bouncing across the city. He had come here to escape from the erasers and whitecoats. He knew he was rare, the only sucessful human neko, he would be a large project and theynwould want him back. He sighed and tugged at his hoodie hood, pulling it down even farther over his ears. No need for anyone to see those... His tail shifted uncomfortably in the back of his clothes, and Drake momentarily cursed the other species lucm at having unnticible features when they wanted.
"Well... here I come Miami."

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What can be found in a city like this...?
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