Maximum Ride RPG

Just like the books by James Patterson where anything can happen!!! You can play an angel, a White Coat, an Eraser, a human, etc.
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Welcome RPG and Maximum Ride lovers!! Very Happy
Since we are trying to get this site hopping again, we have decided to spiff it up a bit. So I got a new theme! So don't think you've stumbled upon a different site. It's just us. Smile -Fall



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Full Name: Bella Saggezza
Nickname: Bell
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Species: Human Avien
Home: Around the world
Rank: Flock leader
Family: My flock
Crush: No
Boyfriend: Hell nah! Have you read my crush
Weapon: flying overdrive, telekinetic, massive fighting skills
Enemies: All whitecoats
Height: 5,9
Looks:tall, silky black hair and white wings

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Oops. Sorry, I didn't see this forum!
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